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Hellbent is a top-down turn-based tactics game. The goal of the game is to progress through increasingly difficult encounters while leveling and gearing up your party with randomly dropping weapons and abilities.

Turn-based Combat on a Grid


Exploration in a dungeon overworld


Character building

Character building

Gameplay features:

  • A challenging turn-based combat system mixed with RPG mechanics to provide a deep and complex gameplay experience with tactics and clever character building.
  • Progress through an increasingly difficult dungeon while gearing your squad up with nearly 300 different abilities and weapons. Each run of the game will turn out a little different.
  • A large number of different enemy types that utilize these weapons and abilities against you in horrible, horrible ways.

Helpful tips:

  • You can hover over just about all the attributes and gear in your character development screen (opened by I or C) to see how they work and how they influence the game.
  • Sometimes, you have no more viable actions, so pass the turn by pressing the Pass Turn button or by pressing Space.
  • You can enable AI control with a button to let AI control your characters for you. I added this feature mostly for debugging, but decided to leave it for the player to use since it's kind of fun.


The game's development is still in progress, so there might still be some developer oversights or bugs. Beware! Also, I'm using placeholder sounds right now, so I suggest muting the game and putting on some music or something.


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I did something I never do and made an account to tell you that this game is literally everything I've always been looking for in a tbs game for like years. I'm a writer, it's probably a little early for anything like that, but if you'd like any help in that regard, let me know.

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Hi, I only noticed your post now since I hadn't been reading my itch page. I'm glad you like the concept for the game. I'm working on a new update that includes a lot of new stuff so it will take a while until I get it out. 

This is kind of a pet project with a fictional setting that I've been developing myself, so I'd be hesitant to bring anyone else on board right now. I'm only now getting into defining some kind of tone for the writing in the game. I would appreciate feedback on the update when it comes out.

can you please export a linux build? cant get it to work with wine.